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We’ve taken the best technology of the SOIL KING Plus and added even more innovative features in our second-generation spreader. The SOIL KING Extreme’s safety, versatility and durability is unmatched in the stone spreading industry, helping you get the job done safer and more efficiently than any other spreader on the market.

You’ll also be more productive – the Extreme XTR25 boasts a volume capacity of 30 cubic yards when carrying lighter materials. Using our patented metering beam, a one-man operator can precisely handle and control placement of topsoil, stone, sand and other material by wireless operation.

Advantages of the Extreme

The Extreme takes more punishment and lasts longer than any other spreader on the market because it’s manufactured using Hardox 450, which offers a unique combination of hardness and toughness. Hardness keeps the structure in shape, while toughness lets the plate take sudden shocks, jolts and bangs. Hardox’s high yield strength means you get a smarter, lighter structure and high-quality performance.

Safe loading, drive and operation
One of the most common problems our customers face with traditional spreaders is that their height can make loading, driving and operating a dangerous exercise.

We’ve solved this issue by building a material bed that raises and lowers on hydraulic cylinders. In the down position, the Extreme’s overall height is significantly less than traditional spreaders and the centre of gravity is lower. This also allows you to access areas that are traditionally harder to get to on an average spreader.

You don’t need to purchase one spreader to dump material and another to sling stone – the Extreme does it all. Flip the in-cab switch and the live bottom empties the load in about 1 minute.

To pile material:

Use the live bottom to offload material quickly and easily.

To spread material:

Raise the bed using the remote hydraulics. Position the throw conveyor under the hopper. Use the patented metering beam to eliminate bridging of topsoil and other materials.

Can American Stone Spreaders is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer and developer of both the SOIL KING Plus and SOIL KING Extreme. Since we’re the only stone spreader manufacturer to use our equipment every day at our job sites (from sidewalk paving to commercial construction), it’s been vigorously tested and approved for real-world applications.


You can depend on our one-man operation stone spreaders to get the job done easily, safely and cost-effectively. We custom design and manufacture the SOIL KING Plus and SOIL KING Extreme for the construction, landscaping and material distribution industries.