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Custom Manufacturing Stone Spreader Tough. Highest Quality. Customized for you.
Stone Spreader Find out how our exclusive, custom-built, Soil King Supreme can give you hassle-free control and help you get the job done easily, safely and cost effectively.
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A revolution in aggregate delivery and placement, the Soil King Extreme offers advances in safety, durability, and versatility. Discover all the Extreme can do – from spreading to offloads.
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Dumo Bodies We offer complete installation and customization services for dump bodies. Learn how we can help you get on the road faster, be more productive and experience less down time.
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Stone Spreader & Manufacturing Industry

At CanAmerican Stone Spreader, we depend on our equipment’s durability and reliability. That’s why we’re the only stone spreader manufacturer to use our trucks every day at our job sites. We are also the exclusive developers of the SOIL KING brand with a patented metering beam design that delivers a consistent, smooth transfer to the belt and allows a controlled release of material, with no extra effort from the operator. This is the kind of innovation that has cemented our leadership in the industry. Our expertise has driven us to make quality products and provide stellar customer service for almost 40 years.


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You can depend on our one-man operation stone spreaders to get the job done easily, safely and cost-effectively. We custom design and manufacture the SOIL KING Plus and SOIL KING Extreme for the construction, landscaping and material distribution industries.