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Over Can American Stone Spreaders Manufacturing & Sales Limited’s 35+ years in the stone spreading industry, we’ve dedicated ourselves to manufacturing durable, reliable equipment and providing stellar customer service our clients can depend on.

We are the exclusive developers of the SOIL KING brand with a patented metering beam design that delivers a consistent, smooth transfer to the belt and allows a controlled release of material, with no extra effort from the operator. Valuable customer feedback and our own experiences with our equipment in the field have allowed us to become a highly competitive manufacturer and continually improve our equipment through vigorous, real world testing for safety, durability and maneuverability.

Our revolutionary second-generation stone spreader, the SOIL KING Extreme, will help you get the job done safer and more efficiently than any other spreader on the market. From lift axles to custom-built SOIL KING stone spreaders and dump bodies, Can American delivers.