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Can American Stone Spreaders’ original one-man operation stone spreader gets the job done safely and efficiently. With the SOIL KING Plus, you can forget the frustration of dealing with constant jams and bridging – we designed and patented our exclusive metering beam to raise and lower inside the bed by 40 inches. This innovation gives the operator hassle-free control of the release of material, which transfers smoothly and consistently from the bed to the belt. The safety hazard of having a man shovel the material is also eliminated.

All SOIL KING stone spreaders contain an HMW plastic liner to allow for a smooth, consistent flow of material when unloading, while protecting the bed from dents and scratches. We sandblast and hand sand the bed, accessories and equipment. Our painting process includes 3 coats of epoxy primer and 2 coats of acrylic urethane paint for a minimum 6mil, durable finish. We offer a wide range of available color selection to match your corporate branding.

Spread materials including:

  • Topsoil
  • Stone
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Bark
  • Wood chips
  • Salt and more

Pick from 3 models:

All three models  – the XL 15, 17 and 19 – can be emptied in under 10 minutes. Spread stone, sand, wood chips and more in a 270-degree rotation and over 100 feet from the bumper.

  • XL 15
    Payload: Approximately 16 yards
  • XL 17
    Payload: Approximately 18 yards
  • XL 19
    Payload: 20-yard+ carrying capacity

Retrofits add value

We can retrofit all SOIL KING models with new custom parts and options to:

  •  Add value
  • Increase functionality
  • Extend the lifetime of your investment

The best part is we can do this without any expensive modifications or redesigns.


You can depend on our one-man operation stone spreaders to get the job done easily, safely and cost-effectively. We custom design and manufacture the SOIL KING Plus and SOIL KING Extreme for the construction, landscaping and material distribution industries.