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Innovation was the genesis of Can American Stone Spreaders in the early 1980s, when Bob Sinke and his sons began consulting on product development and delivering equipment for a competitor in the United States.

Later that decade, the Sinke family branched out on their own and broke into manufacturing, with a focus on building versatile stone spreaders and developing a reputation for reliable customer service.

Over the next 30 years, Can American Stone Spreaders grew its North American customer base and weathered several downturns in the economy. In 2010, Can American Stone Spreaders partnered with Lanau Industries, a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality dump bodies, to expand its product line. The partnership proved to be a positive move for both companies, allowing Can American Stone Spreaders to fill a niche in the market and secure new business.

Glenn Sinke became Can American Stone Spreaders’ sole owner and president on January 1, 2014, and has continued the company’s proud tradition of building high quality equipment and offering outstanding customer service.