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With innovation and customer satisfaction as our top priorities, CanAmerican has taken all the best features of the SOIL KING Plus and  is pleased to offer the SOIL KING Supreme!

Standard Features of the Supreme

Lower Center of Gravity
One of the biggest concerns our customers face with spreaders is that the height of the unit can make loading, driving, and operating the unit a difficult exercise. By changing the style and shape of the box, the Supreme has a lower center of gravity than any other traditional style spreader on the market. This makes for safer loading, driving, and operation without sacrificing load yield or efficiency!

Manufactured with Hardox 450®
Hardox 450® offers a unique blend of hardness and toughness. The hardness keeps the body’s shape while toughness lets the body take sudden shocks, jolts, and bangs.

Advanced Hetronic Wireless System
Each Supreme comes equipped with advanced Hetronic wireless system for precise material placement. This feature can be upgraded to include CanAmerican exclusive 2-speed Ground Drive so the operator can move the chassis with the remote to maximize efficiency.

As the only stone spreader manufacturer to use our own trucks on the job site every day, we have put the SOIL KING Supreme through tough, job-site testing, and it has delivered.  The Supreme has been delivering aggregate material to our customers for over a year. Having been put through this extensive prototyping phase, the SOIL KING Supreme is ready to join your fleet!


You can depend on our one-man operation stone spreaders to get the job done easily, safely and cost-effectively. We custom design and manufacture the SOIL KING Plus, SOIL KING Extreme, and SOIL KING Supreme for the construction, landscaping and material distribution industries.